About me

 Tomás Correa

Attendants to my photo workshops often say I’m passionate (read their reviews). I consider myself a lucky guy. I simply love my work! I love photography and love sharing what I know. How could I not be passionate?

I was born in 1974 in Gran Canaria, in Spain, where I did my photography studies. In the mid-nineties I moved to Berlin to continue studying and get a wider view about photography. I felt in love with Berlin then. 

After having worked for many years as a graphic designer and advertising creative, and only having had photography as a personal scape, in 2009 I decided to focus my energy on my photo projects and leave the advertising world aside. One of the greatest decisions of my life.

At the moment I split my time between Berlin and Gran Canaria working on my personal photo series and helping others improve their photography skills through my photo workshops.

Want to drop me a line? hola@tomascorrea.com 

I understand photography both as a window and as a mirror.