La destilería de ron de La Aldea

La Unidad de Patrimonio Histórico del Cabildo de Gran Canaria me ha encargado hacer un reportaje fotográfico muy extenso sobre la riqueza patrimonial de la isla, para poder nutrir su recién estrenada página web. Este proyecto es un auténtico lujo para un fotógrafo, pues me ha abierto la puerta de muchos lugares a los que normalmente es complicado entrar.

Este es el caso de la destilería de Ron de La Aldea de San Nicolás. La destilería, que lleva décadas abandonada, es un auténtico poema. Uno de esos lugares que transmiten una energía especial. 

....A one-to-one photo week in Gran Canaria..Una semana aprendiendo fotografía en Gran Canaria....

....I'm part of a beautiful project called VAWAA (Vacation with an Artist). As its name suggests, the idea behind this platform is to offer travellers the possibility to spend a few days with a local artist artist in different parts of the world. During their stay, they learn on a hands-on basis a particular skill trained by an expert. VAWAA offers all kind of experiences, from music making to ceramics, textile printing, salt soap making, tattooing, graffiti... and, of course, photography. ..Soy parte de un bonito proyecto llamado VAWAA (Vacaciones con un artista - Vacation with an artist). Como su nombre sugiere, la idea detrás de esta plataforma es ofrecer a viajeros la posibilidad de pasar unos días con un artista local en diferentes partes del mundo. Durante su estancia, aprenden una habilidad a base de práctica de la mano de un experto. VAWAA ofrece todo tipo de experiencias, desde hacer música a cerámica, impresión textil, producción de jabones, tatuaje, graffiti... y, por supuesto, fotografía. ....

....I'm very glad that I've had Caron, from New York, as a guest these last few days over here, in Gran Canaria. It's been a wonderful experience. .. Estoy muy contento por haber tenido como huésped a Caron, de Nueva York, estos últimos días, aquí, en Gran Canaria. .... 

....We've explored and photographed together the beauty of this island. We've discussed about the use of photography, about technical stuff, about image processing, about light, about composition… He've had local dishes in off-the-beaten-track bars, hiked through dunes before sunrise, seen the sunset from the island's peak… But above all, we've had a great time together! .. En este tiempo hemos explorado y fotografiado juntos la belleza de esta isla. Hemos cambiado impresiones sobre el uso de la fotografía, sobre asuntos relacionados con técnica fotográfica, sobre procesado de imágenes, sobre la luz, sobre composición… Hemos comido platos locales en bares apartados de las rutas conocidas, caminado entre dunas antes del amanecer, visto el atardecer desde la cumbre… Pero sobre todo, hemos pasado un buen rato. ....


....When Caron first contacted me, she said, "I think I have to reacquaint myself with my camera again." Even though she already had an superb eye for composition, as she is an art director, I'm very proud to see how Caron's skills have developed enormously in only five days (she had initially booked four but went for an extra one to have time to dedicate one day to improving her skills on Lightroom). ..En el primer contacto de Caron me dijo, "Creo que necesito familiarizarme con la cámara de nuevo." Aunque ya contaba con una mirada muy entrenada para la composición, ya que trabaja como directora de arte, estoy muy orgulloso al ver cómo sus conocimientos han mejorado muchísimo en solo cinco días (en principio había reservado cuatro, pero contrató uno más para dedicar uno a mejorar sus conocimientos sobre Lightroom). ....

....Simply have a look at the three images at the top of this post. They were taken by Caron. Do I have reasons to be proud or not??? ..Simplemente mira las tres fotos que encabezan este post (hechas por Caron). ¿Tengo motivos para sentirme orgulloso o no?....

Taller de fotografía para adolescentes en Gran Canaria

Gracias por el curso. Me ha gustado mucho y me ha conseguido conectar con la fotografía. Me lo he pasado súper bien. He aprendido a fijarme más en los errores que puede tener una foto y a captar la atención de el espectador.
— Ana

La semana pasada tuve la suerte de poder realizar mi taller de fotografía Más allá del selfie para un grupo de adolescentes entre 12 y 16 años en Gran Canaria Espacio Digital. La experiencia ha sido realmente increíble.

Aunque cuento ya con varios años de experiencia en el ámbito de la formación, tengo que admitir que estaba algo inquieto antes de empezar este curso. Lo de trabajar con adolescentes me daba bastante respecto. 

Ahora que el curso ha terminado veo que mis miedos eran totalmente infundados y que estaban basados en unos prejuicios que se han demostrado totalmente fuera de lugar. 

Pese a que es cierto que costó más romper el hielo que con otros colectivos, una vez el grupo se sintió cómodo las cosas fluyeron y fluyeron. Y no solo en cuanto a la dinámica, que fue muy ligera y amena, sino al grado de implicación. A medida que pasaban los días (el curso duraba una semana) iba pidiéndoles ejercicios cada vez más y más personales. Cual fue mi sorpresa al ver que, lejos de amedrentarles, les motivaba a superarse. 

Definitivamente ha sido una intensa semana de aprendizaje. Para el grupo a nivel fotográfico, para mí, a nivel personal. Desde aquí, ¡mil gracias a todo el grupo por enseñarme a desmontar prejuicios!

Más información sobre los contenidos del taller «Más allá del selfie».

Next Stop: Berlin

A good friend of mine, Gwen, asked me to help her with a personal artistic project. I was responsible for the photographs, something I really enjoyed. You simply have to see how skilled Gwen is at developing handmade models. It was a great experience to work with such a nice group of passionate people, to plan the photo shootings, to prepare the lighting, to process the final images…

Here you have Gwen’s own words describing the project:

Berlin is a non-conformistic refugee camp. People from all over the world who feel uncomfortable with the traditional social structures come to this city to experience an oasis of diversity, respect and creativity.

‘Next stop Berlin’ portrays young adults who have left behind their home in exchange for a new life. The arrival in this city does not immediately guarantee that this feels like a bed of roses. The first steps can be difficult and frustrating.

Does Berlin provide them what they hoped for?

In response to a number of interviews, the protagonists are each portrayed in a triptych. The triptych shows the unrestrained thoughts about the future that the protagonists had when they were young opposite their current life. The triptych show their wishes, desires, fantasies and fears.

The viewer creates his own story at each triptych. Through the lives of others, the viewer is encouraged to think about their own life and the choices they have made so far.

Concept and execution: Gwendolyn Noltes
Photography: Tomás Correa
Hair and make-up: Maike Bokma
Model I: Charlotte
Model II: Sjoerd

La Graciosa

La Graciosa is a little island without asphalt roads. An island where time got stuck, where stress is an unknown word, where life isn't necessarily the opposite of death.

Located north from Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, La Graciosa is a place that many relate to escape. And it's true. You can easily escape from your ordinary life here, from bad influences, from loud sounds... But can you escape from yourself? And in case you could, would you want to?

Sources of inspiration

 Photo: Rubén Acosta

Photo: Rubén Acosta

There's been phases in my life where I've lost myself, where I've taken wrong decisions, where I've been surrounded by people that have sucked my energy... 

This is not the case right now. I feel like I'm doing what's correct in many different aspects of my life. Meeting good and creative friends has definitely helped me reach this point. One of these friends is Rubén Acosta, a real source of inspiration. 

Rubén, who's based in Lanzarote, is not only an excellent art photographer, he is also extremely good in wedding and lifestyle photography and even runs a book publishing company. Not to mention that he produces his own wine with relatives and grows delicious vegetables and fruits at home, among other personal projects.

Rubén has taught me that life is how you want it to be. It's hard work, but you simply have to be focused and believe in yourself. Thank you Rubén!

Photo workshops in Barcelona & Lanzarote

I love living in Berlin. It's a great town! But who wants to do a photography course outdoors with -20ºC? Apart from my photography workshops in Berlin I am offering now courses in two other outstanding photo locations. Barcelona, the ideal destination for image hunters in search of contrasts, and Lanzarote, a magical island which has always been an inspiration to many artists.

I have also created a brand new workshop The travelling photographer where we will unveil all the secrets of travel photography.

Feel like joining one of my photography courses and discover cool locations simultaneously? Visit

Depicting the past

The Cueva Pintada Museum is located in Gáldar, in the north of Gran Canaria, Spain. It’s one of the most representative archeological sites in the Canary Islands. Cueva Pintada (Painted Cave) can be considered the “Sistine Chapel” of the island aborigines, the Canarii.

I’ve been commissioned to photograph a number of objects found on the site in different excavations along the last 30 years.

It’s been a very intimate experience. These are not mere objects. These utils were created, used, touched some centuries ago by ordinary people like you and me. It’s like if their energy was still present in these items. 

It’s been a great honour to have the chance to get this close to my past and have the freedom to depict it my own personal way.


New Photography Workshops in Berlin

After having spent some months away, I'm back in Berlin. I love it here! And I also love the fact that my spring-summer photo workshop season is about to start.

This year comes with many surprises. We are offering four different courses (and there're more to come) instead of two, as we had until last year. Three of them (Basic photography, Click the city! and Chasing emotions) take place in different cool places around Berlin, so you won't only learn photography, but will explore this fascinating town in a fun way. The other one (On mirrors and windows) will be given indoors and is oriented to the semantic side of photography.

Want to join any of them? I tell you something... You won't regret it! ;)