Stairs and the perception of life

If I can choose between using the lift or the stairs, I tend to pick the stairs. 

It´s not a matter of making exercise (although that´s fine too). I do it because I think that by using the lift, our body misses an important part. It wont be aware that it is on a higher (or lower) height. 

By using the stairs, even though it can be tiring sometimes (especially if you go to a friend´s place on a seventh flour), you feel the whole experience. You realise how high your friend lives, the effort that was required to build the building, the amount of people that can get to live there…

When we take shortcuts (lifts, highways, fast-food…) we get many advantages, for sure, but we leave important things on the way. 

Whenever possible, I tend to take the slow way, on everything I´m aware. I get so much more from life this way...

PensamientosTomás Correa