Seasons and creativity

It´s been very cold lately. This is a symbol to me. A symbol for seasons.

Seasons... That´s one of the main reasons why I´ve come to central Europe. 

I´ve spent the last years of my life in the Canary Islands, where I was born. The weather there is nice and quite warm along the whole year; something between 15 and 25ºC. Many can see it as an advantage, but I just couldn´t stand it anymore. 

With such a weather, life becomes easy. Next day is usually going to be quite fine. Life gets pretty predictable and you start taking commodities for granted. Why would one bother making big efforts?

I like having my brain active and commodities do not help me much with that. With seasons, I mean, real seasons! things are very different. If eventually, in the cold days of autumn you get a nice weather day, you really enjoy it, and when it´s extremely cold in winter, you do notice it. You feel it. You become aware that you are alive.

Seasons make me be more sensitive to my environment, and sensibility enhances my creativity a lot.

So welcome cold. I´m here for you. To suffer you. To make the most of you.

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