Clear thinking

A couple of years ago I decided I had to put more effort on my personal photographic work. I had been too focused on professional commissions and had forgotten about my deeper creative side. 

All I knew is I wanted to focus on personal projects, but I had no clue what kind of project to do. Photography has a wide range of thematic fields, not to mention the amount of different possible approaches to tell what you have in mind. 

I've been trying different things along the years, but I haven't really felt comfortable with any of them; documentary photography, photo journalism, street photography, travel photography... For different reasons, none of them has really fulfilled me. 

I would feel kind of lost, but never lost hope. I knew it was a process I had to go through and as long as I would keep the illusion, it was only a matter of time. 

I've spent most of the last weeks going through the photos I've done in the last years, and although I might have not liked the results when I took them, when seeing them as a whole, it's simply amazing the connections I find between them. I see myself reflected in my work!

I feel like everything makes sense now. I know what I want to talk about now and how I want to tell it. The work starts now though, but that's ok. I'm not afraid. Everything is clear to me now! 

I missed a plane to Mexico some weeks ago. I was sure there had to be a "mystical" reason for it. Now I know this was the reason. Having had this time for myself has helped me find the answers to many of the questions I've had in my mind for long.

Now I can think clear. No more blurriness. At least for some time... 

PensamientosTomás Correa