International Portfolio Review

I was some days ago in Bratislava to participate in the International Portfolio Review that that takes place within the The Month of Photography Festival.

The event is organized by the Central European House of Photography in Bratislava and it's a great occasion to meet photography professionals, magazine editors, museum curators, gallery owners, representatives of photography agencies, collectors and publishers from all around the world. 

I'm so glad that I went. I got so much good feedback from the reviewers! Most of them really liked the project that I showed them, "Fear of air" and who knows, there're might be some chances of having the series exhibited in some cool spots in Central Europe in the coming months. :) But it's soon to confirm that...

In any case, it was very motivating seeing how much interest specialists have shown for my work and especially seeing that my proposal was chosen among the 15 best pieces of work and that it was considered for the final prize! A shame I didn't get... 

Special thanks to Patrick Keough, one of the reviewers and author of the pictures that accompany this post.

Here a compilation with the finalist projects. Mine is at the end. :)

PremiosTomás Correa