Somewhere, where my senses can stay fit and my mind can blow


I believe that routine is one of the worst enemies of creativity. In my ordinary life I try to escape from repetition as much as possible to force my senses to stay alert. I apply this policy to many aspects of my life, even to the most irrelevant ones; from avoiding the same route any time I go to a given place, to opting often for a restaurant I haven’t been to, when going out for dinner. 

But even living in a big, diverse and spontaneous town like Berlin can turn into something repetitive. So from time to time I pack my things and go somewhere on my own. Somewhere to find myself again. Somewhere, where my senses can stay fit and my mind can blow. 

I’m in that “somewhere” right now. This time it’s in the heart of France, away from any big city. I’ve rented a little house in the countryside where I’m planning to spend some weeks on my own. Trekking in the mornings and working on the photos I’ve taken during the last months in the evenings. 

I’ve only been here for some days now, but I already feel the effects. This place couldn't possibly be more inspiring… 

PensamientosTomás Correa