Last Times vs First Times

I’m on an airplane right now on my way to Berlin after having spent longer than usual in Gran Canaria.

A thought has often gone through my head these last few days; “This is the last time I do this before living”. The last time I meet my mother, the last time I hear the sea, the last time I go shooting on my photo series about agaves…

This is obviously a pretty melancholic thought and since I’m trying to stay away from sadness whenever possible, I decided I had to look for an optimistic approach. And I did find it!

There are so many “first times” that are to happen as I arrive to Berlin. The first time I enter my nice flat, the first time I meet this or that friend, the first time I lay by the canal… And the best of it; whereas “last times” are limited, “first times" are not! Soon I’ll be doing things in that amazing city which I’ve never done before! :)

I’m really willing to start with all the “first times” I have ahead. 

Tomás Correa

Berlin, Germany

I was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) in 1974. In 1992 I started to study photography in my home town. After some years I moved to Berlin to go on with my studies and get a wider view about photography. After working for many years in the design and advertising industry and having photography as a scape, in 2009 I decided to put more effort on my own projects. At the moment, I'm focussed in a personal search that's helping me to understand what I want to express, artistically speaking. Or is it the other way around?