Why do I photograph

There are two main reasons for me.

As I mentioned not too long ago, I was selected to present my work in PhotoEspaña. Although it all went very good (many of the curators who saw my work liked it, I received some proposals to exhibit, met many nice people, saw some good exhibitions...), I ended up with a weird feeling of emptiness. 

I love photography, it gives sense to my life, but, and especially after this visit to Madrid, I'm starting to doubt if I want to play the art-market-game… 

I've been asking myself recently, why do I photograph? It's obviously cool to exhibit your work and get feedback (to close the circle, as I like to call it). It's also cool to sell your work and get some money back (even though it never covers the big effort that a well done work implies). But to be honest, neither exhibiting nor selling is what moves me to grab the camera and take photos. 

I've got to the conclusion that there are two main reasons for me to photograph.

First, to be more aware of my surroundings. Through photography I'm able to see things I wouldn't if I didn't have a trained eye. There's so much beauty around us!

Second, to get to understand myself better. I often take pictures without knowing why I choose the motifs I choose. Only when reviewing my work calmly I'm able to recognise my obsessions, my fears, my thoughts… It's like a kind of a therapy.

I think I'm going to spend some time simply focusing myself in my photography and leaving aside the "career factor". Maybe in the future, but not now. I have many ideas to develop and time is limited…