To give is to receive

I've recently received this nice message from Anders, a fellow photographer from Sweden who recently got my photo book “Gran Canaria. Letters from the Atlantic”. It has deeply touched me.

Guayedra beach. This photo appears in the book “Gran Canaria. Letters from the Atlantic”

I have so many good things to say about your book and to you as a person.

The book has a very nice “feel”. Nice material, very well made. The size is really good: easy to read and enjoy. I love the cover!

I really enjoyed reading it. I think you have chosen good spots/places to write about: how they were and how they change over time.

The text is easy to read, has good rhythm and flow. The transition between different themes or places feels natural and drives the story forward. I really like the last part with GPS coordinates so one can find the spots. I like your attitude and how you share your knowledge and experience in the book.

So, it has a special place in my heart. It takes me back to Gran Canaria in a beautiful way and really emphasises what parenting is all about.

I’m now inspired to write my personal trip to Gran Canaria photobook.
— Anders Ekmark


This photo of Guayedra beach appears in the book «Gran Canaria. Letters from the Atlantic»

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