Selected for PhotoEspaña 2014

After finding out recently that I'm part of the 50 finalists to opt for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2014, more cool news! I've been selected to show my work at Descubrimientos PHE 2014! :D

PhotoEspaña is the most important photography festival in Spain and one of the top ones in Europe. Descubrimientos PHE is the portfolio review of PhotoEspaña. Offering photographers the opportunity to present their work to critics, curators and editors especialized in photography with the objetive of generating professional outlets for their work.

Out of the 70 selected participants, one will be chosen as winner and will be given the chance to show his or her work in next year's edition of the festival in a solo exhibition. I don't have enough fingers to cross!!!

Finalist in the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2014

Puhhhh! What a impression!!! I've been selected as one of the 50 finalists of this year's Leica Oskar Barnack Award. More than 2.500 photographic projects from all over the world were presented! 

The winner will be announced in May. I don't have high expectations (the level of the other selected projects is superb!) but it's amazing to have gotten this far. 

I'll keep my fingers crossed. Just in case... :D

The Bratislava International Portfolio Review 2013

I was some days ago in Bratislava to participate in the International Portfolio Review that that takes place within the The Month of Photography Festival.

The event is organized by the Central European House of Photography in Bratislava and it's a great occasion to meet photography professionals, magazine editors, museum curators, gallery owners, representatives of photography agencies, collectors and publishers from all around the world. 

I'm so glad that I went. I got so much good feedback from the reviewers! Most of them really liked the project that I showed them, "Fear of air" and who knows, there're might be some chances of having the series exhibited in some cool spots in Central Europe in the coming months. :) But it's soon to confirm that...

In any case, it was very motivating seeing how much interest specialists have shown for my work and especially seeing that my proposal was chosen among the 15 best pieces of work and that it was considered for the final prize! A shame I didn't get... 

Special thanks to Patrick Keough, one of the reviewers and author of the pictures that accompany this post.

Here a compilation with the finalist projects. Mine is at the end. :)

I've been awarded in the "Target Africa" photo contest!

I recently got a phone call from Casa Africa; an institution that aims to improve the understanding and trusting between Africa and Spain. Mario, the person on the phone, told me that I had wan the second prize in this year's edition of the "Target Africa" photo contest. Nice news!

This year's theme was related to the efficient use of the resources and the importance of the community in the social and economical development in Africa.

I presented the above picture, which I took in the Usambara Mountains, in Tanzania last year. In the image a young woman works in a communal mill. 

Quoting the jury: "There are many possible lectures in the image. It's full of symbols that help the viewer think of themes like gender, sustainability, communal work and social development. It's an anonymous person that represent a whole community."

Just got a photography grant!

This is great news for me! :-)

"El invernadero" (grant´s name) is offered by the cultural centre "Puertas de Castilla" in Murcia, in the south of Spain. Around 250 photography projects were given in and only 12 were selected. And I´m one of those 12!!! I couldn´t be happier...

Four tutors and six very well known spanish photographers (Ricky Dávila, Xavier Ribas, Carlos Spottorno...) will review our work on a monthly basis during 2011. They will give us their opinion and lead us so we can achieve good results.

At the end of the year five projects (out of the 12) will be selected to conform a collective exhibition.

I´m participating with a photography project I´m doing in the Netherlands. "Barreras" is its temporary name. It´s about the control of the sea in that country along the centuries and the relationship I see between that and occidental people´s life. A bit too conceptual for the moment, but I hope I can come out with something interesting... 

Time to get focus now!

Tomás Correa ganador de Septenio

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Oye, oye, oye... menuda racha llevo. La verdad es que no me puedo quejar. Qué sorpresa!

Premio a la mejor serie del Concurso Septenio, dedicado a Las Islas como tema. Como se puede comprobar, yo tiré por la parte más metafórica del asunto... Esta es una de las cinco fotografías que conforman la serie que presenté.

En total participaron más de 500 proyectos de casi 30 países. Qué se dice pronto!!! Encantado de la vida. XD

Visionado de Portfolios en Descubrimientos Photoespaña

En estos días ando por Madrid asistiendo a Photoespaña. Este pasado sábado terminaron los visionados de portfolios del programa Descubrimientos, principal motivo de mi venida a Madrid.

Ha sido una experiencia superinteresante. He tenido la oportunidad de entrar en contacto y enseñar mi trabajo a especialistas de primera línea a nivel mundial dentro del ámbito de la fotografía. Aunque todavía es pronto, a ver si hay suerte y de aquí surgen nuevas oportunidades...