"Miedo al aire" in Tenerife

"Miedo al aire" (Fear of air) was exhibited in the cultural centre "Convento de Santo Domingo" in La Laguna in Tenerife until some days ago. 

The exhibition was open for nearly two months and as a side activity I offered some commented tours. In fact is was way more interesting to hear the comments of the public and to know their interpretation of the work than anything that I could say. 

So good to close the circle...  

About closing circles

As I announced some weeks ago, I'm exhibiting my work right now in Spain. 

I presented my project "Fear of air" to opt to be exhibited in the art gallery that the Mapfre Foundation has in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It happened to be selected out of a whole bunch of interesting projects that had applied for this year's competition. I couldn't be happier!

I'm delighted with the result. The gallery's size and disposition are simply perfect. There're many separated spaces which facilitate the creation of rhythm in the sequencing of the series; you can group images by theme, add mystery (since it can all not be seen as a whole), insert pauses... 

And I also had the chance to make some guided tours. It's so nice to get the feedback of the viewers of your work. I'm the kind of person that thinks that an artistic creation isn't really finished until it's showed to others and they express what they feel. The circle closes itself then. 

My gratitude to all of you who have come to help me close the circle. 

"Fear of air" can be visited from the 26th of September till the 8th of November at the Mapfre Foundation, in Juan de Quesada, 10, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 


"Fear of air" in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

 Miedo al aire, de Tomás Correa, en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Today is an important day for me. I'll be inaugurating "Fear of Air" in the town where I was born; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It feels nice, after being long away...

The exhibition will be shown at the Mapfre Foundation (Juan de Quesada, 10) and the opening takes place at 20:00 h. 

I've worked in "Fear of Air" for more than a year. It's a crucial project in my career, as it has taught me how to use photography to explore myself in a way I've never been able before. 

This series was selected as winner in the contest "New Talents" at the Encuentros Fotográficos de Gijón 2012 and was supervised by the curator Alejandro Castellote.

I want to thank the Mapfre Guanarteme Cultural Foundation, and specially Alicia and Marta, for the amazing treatment that I've received during the preparation of this exhibition. Just amazing!!!

Opening of the exhibition "Fear of air" in Gijón

The opening of the exhibition "Miedo al aire (Fear of air)" took place on thursday the 8th of november of 2012 at the Museum Barjola in Gijón.


This is a project I've been working on for more than a year and it's been amazing to see it finished now. The photos look so nice at a 1 m. size width on a fine art quality paper! 

This series was selected as winner in the contest "New Talents" at the Encuentros Fotográficos de Gijón 2012 and has been supervised by the curator Alejandro Castellote.

See all the images in the series.

Appearance in the magazine La Fotografía

I´m very happy to say that the spanish magazine La fotografía has recently published my work Cotidiana.

La fotografía is one of the most important spanish magazines specialized in photography. They are located in Barcelona and have been publishing for 20 years!!! Amazing a publication of this kind has been able to last for so long. I wish them they last another 20!

Number 142 (December 10 - January 11) includes seven photographers´ projects, apart from mine. And I grant you, it´s well worth a view. A lot of interesting stuff!

The exhibition Talent Latent opened in Tarragona including my series Cotidiana

The exhibition Talent Latent opened in Tarragona the 5th of november, as one of the highlights of the III Festival Internacional de Fotografía SCAN.

The exhibition shows the work of 13 emergent european artists selected by the curator Jesús Micó, who reviewed the work of hundreds authors before making his final selection. A selection that tries to show the main stylistic trends and themes found in the contemporary european photography.

I´m just so proud of being part of this group. It´s the first time I see my series Cotidiana as a whole (it had only been exhibited partially before). The set is simply outstanding and the venue is wonderful too. It´s located at the Mercado Central, in the very heart of Tarragona. 

The quality of the other artists work is also very highToni Amengual (Spain), Rosa Basurto (Spain), Marc Beckmann (Germany), Cécile Décorniquet (France), Lucía Herrero (Spain), Anastasia Khoroshilova (Russia), Sabine Koe (Austria), Rafael Lafuente (Spain), Juan Carlos Martínez (Spain), Danaé Panchaud (Switzerland), Oliver Roma (Spain) y Levi van Veluw (Netherlands), have made feel very small. :-P

And that´s not all. I´ve been deeply impressed by the great attitude of all the members of the team that have been involved in organising the exhibition: architects, designers, producers… You can feel they love what they do and you notice that in the results. I´d really like to point out the excellent work of Josep Rigol, the exhibition coordinator and Jesús Micó, the curator.

And last but not less, I have really enjoyed meeting this group of artists and spending some days with them. It´s probably the beginning of some good and lasting friendships.

For more info read the article published in El País (spanish).

Presentación de mi trabajo en la exposición "Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Capital Europea de la Cultura 2016"

Recientemente he participado en una exposición colectiva para promocionar la ciudad en la que vivo, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, como candidata a Capital Europea de la Cultura en el año 2016.

La exposición, comisariada por el fotógrafo Pepe Paiz, tuvo lugar en la Sala Dahe. 

Aquí van un par de fotos para mostrar cómo quedó montada la serie con la que yo participé. La serie se llama Canteras.