La Graciosa

La Graciosa is a little island without asphalt roads. An island where time got stuck, where stress is an unknown word, where life isn't necessarily the opposite of death.

Located north from Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, La Graciosa is a place that many relate to escape. And it's true. You can easily escape from your ordinary life here, from bad influences, from loud sounds… But can you escape from yourself? And in case you could, would you want to?


I believe that routine is one of the worst enemies of creativity. In my ordinary life I try to escape from repetition as much as possible to force my senses to stay alert. I apply this policy to many aspects of my life, even to the most irrelevant ones; from avoiding the same route any time I go to a given place, to opting often for a restaurant I haven’t been to, when going out for dinner. 

But even living in a big, diverse and spontaneous town like Berlin can turn into something repetitive. So from time to time I pack my things and go somewhere on my own. Somewhere to find myself again. Somewhere, where my senses can stay fit and my mind can blow. 

I’m in that “somewhere” right now. This time it’s in the heart of France, away from any big city. I’ve rented a little house in the countryside where I’m planning to spend some weeks on my own. Trekking in the mornings and working on the photos I’ve taken during the last months in the evenings. 

I’ve only been here for some days now, but I already feel the effects. This place couldn't possibly be more inspiring… 


Berlin is so inspiring. I don't only mean it for its vibrant life, respect for different points of view and cultural offer. I mean it for its amazing recent history. You don't find many places on earth with such a heavy background as Berlin's. 

The most interesting thing is that Germans don't refuse to deal with their past (as most of the Spaniards do with the Franco Era, for example). They face it and try to learn from it. You see, for instance, many germans writing their theses on the Nazi Period, you easily see signs of where the wall used to stand all over the city, memorials for the deported jews are found in front of the houses were they used to live… 

On top of it, there're a whole bunch of amazing abandoned places that work as living memories of the past of this town. Teufelsberg (German for Devil's Mountain) is an example. 

Teufelsberg is the highest hill in Berlin. It rises about 115 meters in the north of the Grunewald forest (in former West Berlin). It's an artificial hill which was heaped up after the Second World War from the rubble of Berlin. Its location is not accidental. It was built to bury a Nazi military-technical college designed by Albert Speer. Pfffff… 

During the cold war, the americans built one of their largest listening stations on top of the hill to listen to Soviet and East German military radio frequency messages. The buildings and radar domes still remain in place.

When you wander the ruins of this abandoned structures you do feel kind of weird. Believe me. I wonder why...

Africa. Pure nature.

I´ve been overwhelmed by Africa´s vast nature. It´s so virgin, so massive, so unreachable... so pure. 
Wild life was not a priority for me when coming to Tanzania, but when I saw the sunset by Lake Manyara, surrounded by elephants, giraffes, zebras... I heard a click in my head. It was just so amazing. So different to anything I had experienced before. I could feel the perfect balance of nature. And I was being part of it.

The impressive diversity of the Ngorongoro crater, the deep sight of the Maasai eyes, the huge scale of the Serengeti plain, the outstanding light of the savannah sunrises... I feel so grateful I´ve been able to live all this.


I´m in Tanzania right now. Here´s a selection of the pictures I´ve taken so far. What an amazing place. I´m learning so much out of this trip...

It´s incredible to see how little is really essential for living; no internet, no electricity, no running water, no car, no computer... But people still have huge smiles in their faces. They welcome you at any time and are happy to help you with anything they can.

In any case, for some reason I wouldn´t be able to say I´m in love with the country. Even though its landscape is spectacular, its nature is as wild as one can imagine, its people are extremely welcoming and honest, etc, etc... But I´m learning so much about myself that I know I´ll always have a place inside of me for this country for the rest of my life.

Israel, Palestina and Jordan

Just arrived from an amazing trip to Israel, Palestina and Jordan. Here´re a few pics... 

What a special place; tension, religion, history, partying, desert, conflict, faith, fun, radicalism... I definitely have to come back. There´s so much going on there, you just cannot handle it all in one single trip.