El invernadero

"El invernadero" is a photography grant. Around 250 projects were given in and only 12 were selected. And I’m one of these 12.


"El invernadero" (grant´s name) is offered by the cultural centre "Puertas de Castilla" in Murcia, in the south of Spain. Around 250 photography projects were given in and only 12 were selected. And I´m one of these 12!!! I couldn´t be happier...

Four tutors and six very well known spanish photographers (Ricky Dávila, Xavier Ribas, Carlos Spottorno...) will review our work on a monthly basis during 2011. They will give us their opinion and lead us so we can achieve good results.

At the end of the year five projects (out of the 12) will be selected to conform a collective exhibition.

I´m participating with a photography project I´m doing in the Netherlands. "Barreras" is its temporary name. It´s about the control of the sea in that country along the centuries and the relationship I see between that and occidental people´s life. A bit too conceptual for the moment, but I hope I can come out with something interesting... 

Time to get focus now.

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