Clicks for love


Travelling shouldn't depend on money.
What if it was about exchanging?


Sara, my girlfriend, and I are both photographers. We love what we do and sharing what we know through our photo workshops. Now that we have a little child, Alejandro, we're willing to live authentic experiences with him. 

We have recently started a project. A project to teach Alejandro, and also learn ourselves, the meaning of sharing, to get to know people and their stories, a project where no money needs to be involved; clicks for love

In exchange for our skills as professional photographers and photography educators, all we're asking from each of our subjects is shelter, food or transport. Basic necessities traded for the photography work you need. It’s that simple.


What we offer


Photo shootings

You might need some good pictures done from the latest dishes you added to the menu of your restaurant, or a new photo for your professional CV, or maybe you'd like to get your wife a photo shooting as a present...

Simply tell us what type of photo shooting you (or somebody you know) need. We are individually specialised in different photographic fields, so we cover many diverse photo services. 


Photo Workshops

You might have always been interested in photography but never made any workshop to learn the basics, or you may be an enthusiastic amateur photographer and would like to improve your lighting skills, or someone who need to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom.

Simply tell us what type of photo workshop you (or somebody you know) would like to do. We are individually specialised in different photographic fields, so we do a diverse variety of photo workshops. 


What we need


Can you cover any of the three basic necessities that we need to cover during a journey? Let's make an exchange!



You enjoy cooking at home? You own a restaurant? A supermarket maybe?



  • Gasolina
  • Caravana
  • Vehículo
  • Sillita niño
  • Billete tren/avión/bus


  • Hostal/Hotel/...
  • Casa 
  • Camping

Coming trips

Pyrenees · June 2017