Next Stop: Berlin

A good friend of mine, Gwen, asked me to help her with a personal artistic project. I was responsible for the photographs, something I really enjoyed. You simply have to see how skilled Gwen is at developing handmade models. It was a great experience to work with such a nice group of passionate people, to plan the photo shootings, to prepare the lighting, to process the final images…

Here you have Gwen’s own words describing the project:

Berlin is a non-conformistic refugee camp. People from all over the world who feel uncomfortable with the traditional social structures come to this city to experience an oasis of diversity, respect and creativity.

‘Next stop Berlin’ portrays young adults who have left behind their home in exchange for a new life. The arrival in this city does not immediately guarantee that this feels like a bed of roses. The first steps can be difficult and frustrating.

Does Berlin provide them what they hoped for?

In response to a number of interviews, the protagonists are each portrayed in a triptych. The triptych shows the unrestrained thoughts about the future that the protagonists had when they were young opposite their current life. The triptych show their wishes, desires, fantasies and fears.

The viewer creates his own story at each triptych. Through the lives of others, the viewer is encouraged to think about their own life and the choices they have made so far.

Concept and execution: Gwendolyn Noltes
Photography: Tomás Correa
Hair and make-up: Maike Bokma
Model I: Charlotte
Model II: Sjoerd

Tomás Correa

Berlin, Germany

I was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) in 1974. In 1992 I started to study photography in my home town. After some years I moved to Berlin to go on with my studies and get a wider view about photography. After working for many years in the design and advertising industry and having photography as a scape, in 2009 I decided to put more effort on my own projects. At the moment, I'm focussed in a personal search that's helping me to understand what I want to express, artistically speaking. Or is it the other way around?