Miedo al aire


I have fear of air.

Look at the stars.
They do not belong to anyone,
neither the bishop
nor the mayor.

–Mother, I cannot hear you.
I am hungry!

Uuuuuuuh ...! Sleep, my child;
or the air will come
to take the children
who are hungry.



Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2014 – Finalist

Descubrimientos Photoespaña Award – Finalist
International Photography Festival Photoespaña 2014

PR 2013 Award – Finalist
Month of Photography Festival in Bratislava 2013 

Nuevos Talentos Award – Winner
Encuentros Fotográficos de Gijón 2012



Fear is an inherent characteristic of the human condition. It is a surviving and defence mechanism that allow us to react quickly in case of peril.

The origin of this feeling can be based in the perception of a real danger or an unfounded one, also known as neurotic fear.

Are our fears real or mainly baseless? Do we know how to identify our own criteria and the one imposed by others? What kind of person would we be if we did not feel unfounded fears?


An early version of Miedo al aire (Fear of air) was selected by Jesús Micó, curator of the 2011 edition, as winner in the contest New Talents at the Encuentros fotográficos de Gijón 2012.

The subsequent development of the project was supervised by the curator Alejandro Castellote

Miedo al aire is composed by 24 photographs printed on Hahnemüle Photo Rag Ultrasmooth paper of 305 gr. This grants the highest quality and durability. 



Mapfre Foundation in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - 2013. Solo exhibition.

Museo Barjola in Gijón - 2012. Solo exhibition.


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To Alejandro, Anna, Bjørn, Daniel, Jesús, Landon and Malin.